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The Plan to Stop Federal Law Enforcement of Public Lands

Utah Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz responded to public outcry and dropped H.R.621, which sought to sell off millions of acres of public land across the West. But a similar, lesser-known bill to gut public land protections, which Chaffetz introduced alongside…
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Live Stream of Lavoy Finicum Service, Flint Crisis, Crane Collapse, Taiwan Earthquake

You can find the Live Feed from Spiro at the Link Below. He will look to go live within the hour of this video being posted, Between 4-5pm Est. He will be at the Lavoy Finicum Public Funeral Service and…
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Oregon Standoff Exclusive: Militia Explain Details of Day Lavoy Finicum Died

In This Exclusive Interview, Spiro and I Speak with Individuals that have first hand experience with events that unfolded In Oregon the day Lavoy Finicum was Killed. Members of the Salem Civil Defense Corp Give first hand accounts of what…
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