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Sinkhole Swallows Cars In California, Oroville Dam Footage and Live Connection

Two cars dropped into a 20-foot sinkhole off Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Studio City on Friday night, authorities said. According to an account on the LAFD website , firefighters arrived at the sinkhole and found one car upside down in…
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Sinkhole Sparks State of Emergency In Detroit After House Buckles, Street Evacuated

A sinkhole split open in a familiar area of 15 Mile Road today in Fraser, partially collapsing a home, endangering other structures and forcing the closure of the road in both directions between Hayes and Utica, police said. Robert Allen/Detroit…
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Huge Sinkhole Swallows Car In London

A sinkhole opened up overnight in Woodland Terrace in Charlton in South East London. Police closed the road at 03:30am this morning after receiving reports of a Vauxhall in a large hole. Learn More: Sinkhole swallows up car in London…
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Earth Changes- Texas: Incredible Footage of Culvert Washout In Lindale