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Trump Hinted at Brussels Attacks On January 27th: “There’s Something Bad Going On”

BOOM! Woman Who Locked Her Neck to Car In Arizona ‘Works for Soros’

Democracy Spring: Soros Group Plans ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’

RACE WAR! Actor That Charged Donald Trump Played ‘Killer Cop’ In Film

Exposed! Soros & Koch Bros Spend Millions Creating Chaos In U.S. Streets

The writing is on the wall folks. How many times does a billionaire need caught for people to see his wickedness. If this is not seen for what it is, Exposed and eliminated… America will Fall! That of course is…
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Oregon Standoff Exclusive: Militia Explain Details of Day Lavoy Finicum Died

In This Exclusive Interview, Spiro and I Speak with Individuals that have first hand experience with events that unfolded In Oregon the day Lavoy Finicum was Killed. Members of the Salem Civil Defense Corp Give first hand accounts of what…
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Active Shooter Drill Held In San Bernardino 2 Days Before Shooting