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Crazy! Floating Cities Spotted Again In US and Footage from China

Gawping crowds caught the bizarre natural phenomenon on camera, and watched in awe as towering skyscrapers seemed to appear in the clouds. The ghost-like buildings dominated the skies for minutes on Friday in Dalian, China. The stunning footage shows the…
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Oregon Standoff Bombshell: GOP Officials Admit They Were Deeply Involved In Occupation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-rgeucKpq0 Republican elected officials admitted they promised to help a convicted felon run for elected office if he agreed to stop paying his mandated grazing fees. A newly released recording reveals how GOP lawmakers and local officials were deeply involved…
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Trump Hinted at Brussels Attacks On January 27th: “There’s Something Bad Going On”

BOOM! Woman Who Locked Her Neck to Car In Arizona ‘Works for Soros’

Democracy Spring: Soros Group Plans ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’

RACE WAR! Actor That Charged Donald Trump Played ‘Killer Cop’ In Film

DAHBOO7 – THEY DON’T WANT IT WITH US (Official Music Video)

This is the Official Music Video for “They Don’t Want It with Us” by DAHBOO7. Using music as another avenue to get the Truth out! MAKE SURE TO WATCH IN 1080 HD! You can listen to the track in this…
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