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The Plan to Stop Federal Law Enforcement of Public Lands

Utah Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz responded to public outcry and dropped H.R.621, which sought to sell off millions of acres of public land across the West. But a similar, lesser-known bill to gut public land protections, which Chaffetz introduced alongside…
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Trump Signs Three More Executive Orders: Freezes Federal Hiring, Targets Trade and More!

President Donald Trump announced a series of executive actions Monday focused on trade and the federal workforce, making good on a pair of his core campaign promises. The actions, signed Monday at the White House, implement a federal employee hiring…
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‘Gunpocalypse’ Round 2: California Legislature to Vote On 11 Anti-Gun Bills In One Day!

On Tuesday, June 14th at 9A.M., the California Legislature will hear the most anti-gun bills it’s heard in one day; spread out over both houses and three different committees The only description that seems appropriate is “Gunpocalypse”. This is the…
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