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Drone Footage of A Beautiful Rainbow and Sunset After the Storm

  This is some quick drone footage i caught of a beautiful Rainbow after the recent severe storms In Northern Kentucky. I also caught a shot of the #Sunset from the Air! Make sure to watch in HD! Much Love…
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LOOK! Huge Fireball with ‘Sonic Booms’ Lights Up the Skies Over Maine

A very bright fireball shot across the skies of Maine early this morning. The event was caught by several people, including Portland PD. Other people have reported that there were Sonic Booms Heard as it came down! This event also…
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Suspicious! Multiple Choppers Passing Over My House

  I have seen a few choppers pass by in the last year, but never in my life have i ever seen a whole pack pass over the house. On top of that, they all looked the same but were…
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CRAZY! Man High On Heroin Destroys My Car, Could Have Killed Us All!