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For several days this week, people in Boston and the surrounding area have heard large helicopters flying around the area.      Many people reached out with concerns that the helicopters were passing very close to buildings. The Blackhawk helicopters…
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Suspicious! Multiple Choppers Passing Over My House

  I have seen a few choppers pass by in the last year, but never in my life have i ever seen a whole pack pass over the house. On top of that, they all looked the same but were…
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Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Changing, Pole Reversal Overdue by Thousands of Years

With more than two years of measurements by ESA’s Swarm satellite trio, changes in the strength of Earth’s magnetic field are being mapped in detail. Launched at the end of 2013, Swarm is measuring and untangling the different magnetic signals…
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Mass Casualty Exercise Planned for May 18th In Roseville, California

  Low flying helicopters, scores of first responders, various emergency vehicles, sirens and other loud noises, and dozens of people made up to look like accident victims can be expected in Roseville May 18, as firefighters and law enforcement officers…
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Heads Up! More Spy Towers In Arizona, G-BOSS Surveillance Systems and Technology

UNCLASSIFIED- Note FY16 increase of $7.520 million is a result of adding GBOSS-E and IGSSR-C programs to this funding line. A. Mission Description and Budget Item Justification G-BOSS(E): Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (Expeditionary) (G-BOSS(E)) will replace the interim Persistent Surveillance…
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Barstow Is a Prime Location for FEMA Camps, In the Desert of Southern California

I had a long time subscriber from southern California send me new info on whats going on out in the desert town of Barstow. What makes this spot interesting is that it serves as a main junction for road and…
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Mysterious Fireball Captured Shooting Across the California Sky ‘for Hundreds of Miles’


BOOM! TBN Catches Cop Exposing ‘Paid Protesters’ at Democracy Spring

During our #TBN ~ Truth Bomb Network Coverage In DC, Erick M was able to catch a conversation exposing Paid Protesters. The cop stated that he works the event every time. He also states he see the same people over…
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ALERT! Military “Spy Towers” Being Quietly Moved by Contractors In Arizona

Thanks to everyone sending in info. This most resent sighting of equipment involves military grade surveillance “Spy Towers”. This one was seen in Kingman, Arizona. The driver admitted they were being moved across the country by private contractors and he…
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Oregon Standoff Bombshell: GOP Officials Admit They Were Deeply Involved In Occupation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-rgeucKpq0 Republican elected officials admitted they promised to help a convicted felon run for elected office if he agreed to stop paying his mandated grazing fees. A newly released recording reveals how GOP lawmakers and local officials were deeply involved…
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