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Bombshell Details On the ‘Pulse Shooting’ In Orlando and More!

This is a compilation of major details connected to the Events that took place In Florida. You can find the links to each story below. Stay tuned for more updates on the #PulseShooting #Orlando Learn More: http://www.flgov.com/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/16142.pdf Kart Racer: https://twitter.com/Kt23kartracer…
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BOOM! Man ‘Cut Off’ Live On Air, After Saying Someone Was Holding Doors Closed at Pulse Night Club

This was caught Live, On Air! A witness to the Orlando Pulse Night Club Shooting Describes what happened Inside! As he starts to reveal one of the most important details yet, He is cut off and dropped from the broadcast….
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‘Gunpocalypse’ Round 2: California Legislature to Vote On 11 Anti-Gun Bills In One Day!

On Tuesday, June 14th at 9A.M., the California Legislature will hear the most anti-gun bills it’s heard in one day; spread out over both houses and three different committees The only description that seems appropriate is “Gunpocalypse”. This is the…
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Gun Grab Alert! Obama Makes Major Change to Gun Background Check Process

It appears that under the Obama administration, the federal government is making yet another change to its background check process. Now, people who are denied a gun purchase under the current system, rightly or wrongly, will not be able to…
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Active Shooter Drill Held In San Bernardino 2 Days Before Shooting