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Heads Up! UN Fuel Tankers and Armored Vehicles In Maryland, FEMA Coffins In Texas!

A big shout out to Travis B, The person that took the images!      As you can see in the photos, there is a bunch of UN Equipment being staged at this Kellog’s Factory In Williamsport, MD. There is not…
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UWEX 16: Covert Multi-State Military Drill Using Civilian ‘Role Players’ Begins

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR_ZScZ3igY http://dahboo7.deco-street.com/ A special warfare exercise across parts of Texas and the nation will bring civilian role players acting as journalists, government officials and “guerrilla-chiefs.” The U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s Unconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX 16) is scheduled in…
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New Mexico: Truck Driver Spots Train Hauling Military Tanks and Equipment Headed East

A subscriber sent this this my way and asked to share it. He is a truck driver that describes seeing more and more military equipment being brought into the US. He says they have been carrying equipment by Semi, But…
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