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Something Stunning Is Taking Place Off the Coast of Singapore

  Back in November, when the world-record crude inventory glut was still in its early innings, we showed what we then thought was a disturbing image of dozens of oil tankers on anchor near the US oil hub of Galveston,…
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Huge Wave Anomaly Appears Over New York and Upper East Coast

While millions of Americans are still regularly ridiculed by those who are either not yet aware of chemtrails, weather modification and weather warfare or by those who are total government trolls bent on keeping secrets, the reality of weather modification…
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Crazy! Floating Cities Spotted Again In US and Footage from China

Gawping crowds caught the bizarre natural phenomenon on camera, and watched in awe as towering skyscrapers seemed to appear in the clouds. The ghost-like buildings dominated the skies for minutes on Friday in Dalian, China. The stunning footage shows the…
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BOOM! Woman Who Locked Her Neck to Car In Arizona ‘Works for Soros’