Signs in the Heavens That Google Sky Was Hiding, Red Dragon of Revelation & September 23rd


The image of this area was blocked by Google Sky as you can see in the video. Once this area was revealed on Sky View, It shows a pretty wild image. But the question remains, why would they want to block this out on Google Sky? What is even more interesting it that it appears between the legs as the Virgin as Jupiter is set to pass through the womb area in September of 2017.
I covered the September 23rd event here:

My original video on the Dragon is Here:

These events align in this window around September 23rd of this year. Some connect the event directly to biblical references from Revelation and other books. One thing is for sure, these signs in the heavens will happen later this year, right before the Big Solar Eclipse.
You can use the link below to access the image and location.

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