Are You Ready for When the Lights Go Out? Survival Tactics

This is a new video on “Lights Out” Survival Tactics.
Recent storms left us unexpectedly in the dark. Even tho i took steps to prepare for such an event, there were holes to be found in my game plan. I got a chance to see what would work and what would not. I also got to see exactly how much energy each device was pulling. The new combo of the two generators got things up and running. But in any situation like this with a gas generator, gas is what is keeping your whole operation running. I ran from the 5500 gas power to the Yeti Solar Power Station. I ran the lighter devices off the Yeti and the stronger things(Frig, Heater) off a hard line to the Gas Generator. This kept things balanced and the Yeti was able to supply power and also keep charging.
In the end, i found plenty of things i need to fix to make this work right. I hope this info helps some of you to better prepare for a “Lights Out” Situation. Stay Tuned for More Survival Tactics!

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