Front Line Footage of Sacramento Chaos, Stabbings at California Capitol Building

Front Line Footage was sent in to me by a subscriber that witnessed the whole event. At least six people were stabbed Sunday when members of right-wing extremists groups holding a rally outside the California state Capitol building in Sacramento clashed with counter-protesters, authorities said.

Sacramento Fire Department spokesman Chris Harvey said emergency crews transported six people who were stabbed, some critically wounded, and that many other people had cuts, scrapes and bruises.

“There was a large number of people carrying sticks and rushing to either get into the melee or see what was going on,” Harvey said.

California Highway Patrol officers managed to break up the large fight but some members of both groups remained in the area an hour after the fight first broke out, Harvey said.

UPDATED BEFORE POSTING… The counter Protest Group Claims the stabbing victims are all from their side and non are life threatening. Others are also calling into question if the women really had a head wound or not.

Screenshot (6533)

Screenshot (6536)

Screenshot (6540)

Screenshot (6542)

Screenshot (6543)

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