Many people living in the Beech Grove area woke to what sounded like gunshots early Tuesday morning.
Marion County dispatchers said they received numerous phone calls overnight about loud booms and gunshots coming from the former St. Francis Hospital in Beech Grove.
Many residents saw and heard military helicopters and didn’t know what was happening.
The Exercise is set to continue through May 27th, happening at unannounced random times, even under cover of Darkness.

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The Amtrak facility has long been hailed as a prime area for a FEMA Camp if Chaos was pop off in this country.
Of all the places in the country to see a sudden midnight military exercise… Beech Grove??

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The fact that this event happened in this area around this facility is raising suspicion! This place could actually see part of the exercise during night time drills. It will be on the people on the ground to keep open eyes and ears to what is really going on.

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