End Time Deception: Unprecedented Proof of Man-Made Fireballs Launched by Satellite

Skywatchers hoping to see a shooting star may soon be able to order them on demand.
A group of Japanese scientists say they have a shooting-star secret formula — an undisclosed chemical mixture packed into tiny, inch-wide balls that the team hopes to eject from a satellite to create on-demand meteor showers, AFP reports.

A Japanese start-up company called ALE is partnering with researchers at multiple universities to create the artificial meteor showers, which will cost around $8,100 per meteor for buyers. The researchers said the manufactured meteors would be bright enough to be visible even in areas with light pollution, like Tokyo, assuming clear weather.
The opening ceremony is one of the most highly anticipated events of every Olympic Games and the opening of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo may feature something no other ever has: a man-made meteor shower.
What this shows, is that they could have already been testing this technology across the globe. They could also use this technology on an unsuspecting crowd. They could manipulate the situation from there. With this tech at their disposal, they could very easily pull off a spectacle in the skies and trick the masses.

– See more at: http://www.space.com/29849-on-demand-meteror-showers-ale.html#sthash.sQgQP1TU.dpuf


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