LOOK! Huge Fireball with ‘Sonic Booms’ Lights Up the Skies Over Maine

A very bright fireball shot across the skies of Maine early this morning. The event was caught by several people, including Portland PD. Other people have reported that there were Sonic Booms Heard as it came down!
This event also has 11.8% of respondents reporting a sonic boom, that is very high. A fireball with a sonic boom indicates a deeper penetrating object into the atmosphere.

We are on pace to have 28 fireballs for the year, which would be 33% more than the record year of 2014 with 21.

They are coming in more and more frequently, and deeper into the atmosphere, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it, for cryin’ in the sink!
This is the 13th huge fireball event of 2016-
That ties the total amount for all of 2015!!!!

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