BOOM! TBN Catches Cop Exposing ‘Paid Protesters’ at Democracy Spring

During our #TBN ~ Truth Bomb Network Coverage In DC, Erick M was able to catch a conversation exposing Paid Protesters. The cop stated that he works the event every time. He also states he see the same people over and over. He explains that they will post in Craigslist and even hire the homless to protest for $30 a day!
This is for all the people that continue deny that this is happening. We have now shown Soros backed money paying protesters $15 an Hr in WI, $16 an hour in NYC and now Police admitting a lot of these people they have seen before. He also states they will show up protesting events that conflict with one another. Clearly showing they have no clue what they are really backing and are doing just for money! This once again proves that strings are being pulled
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