Earthquake-Like Sonic Boom Rattles New York, New Jersey and New England

Even USGS Has this listed as a M0.0 Sonic Boom, ,.. For Now!

Sonic boom. First of multiple over the following hours after this event. At least 9 sonic booms were recorded in the following hour and a half. Reported from southern New Jersey along the Eastern Seaboard to Long Island, New York.

There were multiple reports of shaking or a possible earthquake in South New Jersey Thursday afternoon. Residents reported houses shaking. The United States Geological Survey says the event was a sonic boom, 3km, NNE Hammonton, NJ. Officials did not say what caused the blast. No injuries were reported.

Some people say they felt four tremors, 10 minutes apart. “It shook here too. We’re looking to determine the cause. Please don’t dial 911 unless there is a life threatening emergency,” The Ocean County Sheriff Tweeted.

Earthquake-Like Sonic Boom Rocks New Jersey, New York, New England

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