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Attack or Accident? Massive Blackout In Russia Leaves 300,000 In the Dark!


Some 300,000 people have been left without electricity in Russia’s northern city of Murmansk, local media reported, citing an emergency at a power plant as possible causes of the blackout.   Learn More:

Donald Trump Rushed Off Staged After Major Security Event at Reno Rally


Security rushed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump off the stage at a rally in Reno, Nevada, Saturday night. Initial reports state that a fight broke out in the front row and a man was tackled and cuffed. He was taken…
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Militia Members Are Preparing for Potential Chaos As Election Nears


Down a Georgia country road, camouflaged members of the Three Percent Security Force have mobilized for rifle practice, hand-to-hand combat training — and an impromptu campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “How many people are voting for Trump?…
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Something Huge Is Underway!


This video goes into the explosive new allegations of a Counter-Coup Happening Against a silent Clinton Cartel Coup on Our Government. Steve Pieczenik is a alphabet gang insider that has revealed a division taking place within the ranks of government…
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Election Cyber-Attack? National Guard Teams Called On to Defend Against Hackers


Ohio is calling upon the National Guard to help defend the state’s election system from hackers. “Lets face it: Cyberwarfare is a new front for the military, for business and now for elections,” said Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted….
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BUSTED! Agent Provocateur with Gun Infiltrates #NoDAPL Camp Near Standing Rock


You know the Dakota Access Pipeline protests are working when oil interests start resorting to underhanded tricks to paint water protectors in a negative light.’s Nick Bernabe reports that, as the fight against the pipeline grows in North Dakota…
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WOW! Powerful Earthquake That Struck Italy Shifted the Ground by 3 Feet In Norcia


This side by side shows some of the damage done by the recnt 6.6M Earthquake that struck In the Norcia, Italy Area. This was a very shallow but powerful quake that not only toppled buildings but also shifted the ground…
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Massive Fireball Crashes to Earth Near Lake Baikal In Russia


On Tuesday evening of October 25th, residents of the Buryatia Republic (Siberia) could see a meteorite falling on Earth in the area of Lake Baikal. A video indeed shows a glowing object crashing into the ground. According to eyewitnesses, the…
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Military Exercise Held In Boston with Advon Vehicles, Tanks In the Area


This most recent drill was being held at the Old Everett High School on the North side of Boston. They had several Advon Vehicles along with military and police personnel. The driver asked what they were doing and the response…
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Lights Out: DHS, Police and Military Hold Drill Simulating Attacks On Power Grid


Kentucky government officials, law enforcement and private-sector representatives ran through a worst-case scenario recently for October Training, preparing for how the state would react if hackers took down the power grid to a quarter of the state while simultaneously attempting…
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