Sinkhole Opens Up In Arizona, Rescue Teams Look for Potential Missing Person
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Live Stream of Lavoy Finicum Service, Flint Crisis, Crane Collapse, Taiwan Earthquake

You can find the Live Feed from Spiro at the Link Below. He will look to go live within the…

Major Radiation Emergency In California, LETHAL LEVELS of Radioactive Materials
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A leaking natural gas well is spewing LETHAL LEVELS of naturally-occurring Uranium, Radon and other radioactive materials into the air…

Alabama: Tornado Touches Down In Pickens County
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How Hillary Clinton Stole Iowa: Voter Fraud Caught On Live TV
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The important problem is that the Bernie counters recounted everyone, while the Hillary counter was literally recorded telling someone else…

Oregon Standoff Exclusive: Militia Explain Details of Day Lavoy Finicum Died

In This Exclusive Interview, Spiro and I Speak with Individuals that have first hand experience with events that unfolded In…

Lavoy Finicum FBI Chase- RAW FOOTAGE #OregonStandoff
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Earthquake-Like Sonic Boom Rattles New York, New Jersey and New England
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Even USGS Has this listed as a M0.0 Sonic Boom, ,.. For Now! Sonic boom. First of multiple over the…

Ammon Bundy’s Wife Releases Audio Statement In Regards to the Oregon Standoff
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Oregon Standoff: FAA Issues FBI No-Fly Zone Near Wildlife Refuge and More!
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