LAPD Pounce On Protesters, Including ‘Pregnant Woman’ They Arrested!
LAPD Pounce Pregnant Women
Fighting Back! San Diego Police Sued Over Tracking Cell Phones with ‘Stingray’ Device!
a fake cell phone tower
I Knew It! New Jersey Hopes Cuba-Us Relations Thaw Will Help Extradite ‘Assata Shakur’
Eight Children Killed In Mass Stabbing In Cairns, Australia!
Australia stabbing
Russia Quietly Struck A Deal to Re-Opening Military Base In Cuba!
Obama Signs ‘Ukraine Freedom Act’ Into Law!
Obama-Signs-Ukraine Freedom Act
LA to San Fran In 35 Minutes? ‘Hyperloop’ CEO Says Speed Tube Could Become Reality!
57,000-Gallon Oil Spill In Canada Forces Closure of Pipeline to U.S.
oil spill 57000
Egypt Unearthed! 1,500-Year-Old Desert Necropolis Is The Largest Ever Found!
1500 year old mummie trove
Ukraine Exposed! George Soros May Be Appointed Head of National Bank of Ukraine!

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